Basic Course on Income Tax of Bangladesh

December 23, 2018
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Are you doing job in accounts department? And your job is related with tax deducted at source, advance payment of tax, assessment of tax and return submission, appeal, penalties and punishment? 

Doing the above works you require to submit information to NBR regarding TDS payment, withholding return submission, statement regarding payment of salaries, certificate of deduction or collection of tax?

Taxpert is going to start “Basic Course on Income Tax” which will cover all of the above issues. The training session will be conducted by Chartered Accountant Jasim Uddin Rasel.

Jasim is a co-teacher of ICAB in Certificate Level in Principle of Taxation and regularly conducting training program on Preparation of Income Tax Return by Individual Taxpayer, Tax Deducted at Source, changes in Income Tax etc. He is popularly known as a Tax Article Writer. His tax articles published in various national newspapers. He also personally manages this blog where his tax articles published regularly.

Course fee: BDT 8,000 only
Total 10 classes | 03 hours per class
Day & time: Friday, 09:30 AM – 12:30 PM

It’s only few minutes to complete the registration process. Just click the following link:

Or call: 01880298924
Or mail:

The course will cover the following areas in details:

Payment of Tax before Assessment

a) Details discussion of manners and payment of deducted or collected tax at source

b) Time limit for payment of TDS, Consequences of failure to deduct collect, etc.

c) Computation of advance tax, Estimate of advance tax

d) Levy of interest for failure to pay advance tax

e) Interest payable by Government/assessee on excess/deficiency in payment of advance tax

f) Delay Interest for not filing return on or before the Tax Day

g) Particulars to be furnished on interest on securities by a person other than the Government.

h) Certificate under section 53A (3) of the Income Tax Ordinance,  1984 

i) Particulars to be furnished by persons making deductions  at source

j) Issuance of certificate, etc. U/S 58 of tax deduction and collection under the head Salaries

k) Company to furnish a statement regarding payment of dividend

l) Statement regarding payment of interest other than interest on securities

m) Return of withholding tax

Company Return and Assessment

a) Computation of tax from business/profession

b) Computation of minimum tax

c) Set off or carry forward of business loss

d) Capital gain calculation

e) Exemptions for industrial undertaking or physical infrastructure

Penalty and Punishment

a) Non submission of statement of international transaction as per section 107EE

b) For not maintaining accounts in the prescribed manner

c) For failure to file return of income U/S 75, 77, 89, 91 or 93

d) For non-submission of statement U/S 58, 109 or 110

e) For non-submission of return U/S 75A or statement U/S 108 or information U/S 108A

f) For failure to furnish information as required U/S 113

g) Penalty and punishment for non-compliance with notice and certain obligations

h) Failure to pay tax on the basis of return

i) Penalty and punishment for concealment of income

j) Penalty for incorrect or false audit report by chartered accountant

k) Penalty and punishment for furnishing fake audit report

l) Penalty for default in payment of tax

m) Punishment for false statement in verification, etc.

n) Punishment for improper use of TIN

o) Punishment for unauthorized employment

Recovery of Tax and Refunds

a) Certificate for recovery of tax

b) Method of recovery by TRO 

c) Power of withdrawal of certificate and stay of proceeding

d) Recovery of Tax through Collector of District

e) Recovery of tax through Special Magistrates

f) Double taxation relief

g) Entitlement to refund

h) Adjustment of refund against tax

i) Form of claim and limitation

j) Interest on delayed refund

Transfer Pricing

a) Discussions of the most appropriate method for determining the arm’s length price of an international transaction

b) Information and documents to be kept and maintained under saction 107E

c) Form of report to be furnished under section 107F

d) Statement of international transaction to be furnished under section 107EE

ADR, Appeal and References

a) Eligibility for application for ADR

b) Procedures of disposal by the ADR

c) Effect of agreement

d) Limitation for appeal where agreement is not concluded

e) Bar on suit or prosecution

f) Form of appeal to the Appellate Joint Commissioner

g) Form of appeal to the Commissioner (Appeal)

h) Form of appeal to the Appellate Tribunal

i) From of application for reference to high Court Division

j) Appeal from Order by TRO

  • Mithun Kumar Nath January 9, 2019 at 7:17 AM

    I am eagerly waiting to take part this course.if it is possible to arrange this course in chittagong .

    • jasimrasel January 15, 2019 at 10:44 PM

      Thank you very much for your interest. I will think about your suggestion. Please keep in touch.

  • Dhiman Das Gupta January 20, 2019 at 2:54 PM

    Sir, If possible you can arrange to published DVD or in any online platform (off course paid method) regarding the total matter & I think it will be helpful for everybody who lives outside of Dhaka.

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