10 proven tips to pass CA exam in Bangladesh

June 30, 2017
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Bhaia I want to pass CA. But how it will be possible? Please help me.

Most of the day in the firm where I work, articled students asked me that question.

They also excited to know my strategy.

How I have succeeded in my CA exam?

How I have become a Chartered Accountant?

But most of the day, I was busy with my work. I couldn’t manage enough time to share my thoughts.

I have made a video on this topic, you may watch it!

I have interviewed most successful CA pass students, now who are ACA or FCA working in the leading position of renowned companies in Bangladesh.

I have asked them, what are their success stories?

How they become a CA?

I have also gone through the CA study manuals.

All of the strategies I have accumulated and from them top 10 strategies I will describe for you in below one by one.

#1 Believe in yourself

It will increase your confidence.

You have heard that CA pass is very difficult. But people like you have succeeded and believe that you will too.

Guess you love to watch movies and have enjoyed recently released two movies ‘Sultal’ and true based ‘Dangal’ performed by Salman Khan and Aamir Khan respectively.

Sultan fell in love with Aarfa who is a state-level wrestler. But the problem is that Aarfa rejected him by stating that her husband will also be a wrestler like herself.

But he is not a wrestler. He promises to be a wrestler. Finally he succeeded and gets Aarfa.

This is the believe that help Sultal to get his love.

And what’s in Dangal?

Yes, in Indian subcontinent, we generally believe that females are not for all jobs like man do.

In the movie, Mahavir Singh Phogat also gives up the hope.

But one day his two girls beat up two boys and realize their potentiality to become a wrestler and begin coaching them.

And finally his believe became in true. Both of his daughters win medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

So believe in yourself.

It is your life, your career.

So do whatever you want to be in your life. And all you are doing to succeed in CA exam.

#2 Read through the manual and extend to supplementary resources

These will tell you about your area to know and which additional will be required to supplement in your CA exam.

At first, read the manuals thoroughly.

Do not skip any of the chapter or topics for the first time.

It will help you to know what topics have included in your subjects.

There is no limit or prediction from where questions will be appeared in your upcoming CA exam.

So if you skip any chapter or topics for the first time and see any questions come out from that chapter or topics then the questions will be unfamiliar to you.

As the CA exam is very much competitive and if you are unfamiliar with any question then it will fall you into risk to pass in your exam.

If you try to answer the question without knowing anything your answer may be wrong which may undermine your answer sheet.

Therefore, you have to avoid risk.

You will get a lot of time before your first attempt in knowledge level.

The students who will seat in application level or advanced stage they may start reading the books immediately after completing the exam in previous stage.

We know that after completion of our CA exam, we got about two months before result publication.

Most of the CA students fully waste these two months by watching movies, listing music, traveling, gossiping with friend circles.

Please use that time. Don’t waste two months.

If you use this time you will be more ahead then your friends.

#3 Analyze the past years questions

Buy seven in one exam book from ICAB or Nilkhet and analyze the questions.

Very very important!!!

I know you may overwhelm about it. But trust me it will reduce your hard work.

Don’t you think that you only thinking it is less important. I was also like you during my CA preparation!!

But my sleep breaks one of my close batch mate’s warning.

He shared with me about questions analysis. It helps to understand from which chapters, how many questions or how frequently questions have appeared in CA exam.

Which chapters are very important?

Where to give more emphasize?

Everything will be cleared.

Believe me it has changed my study strategy. And reduce my hard work.

Only reading of manuals is not the way to succeed in CA exam. You must add supplementary books with CA manuals.

Analyzing past years questions will help you to understand the limit of questions preparer. Everyone has limit. So questions preparer has also the limit.

What are his limits?

You will know it by analyzing the CA past years’ questions.

From which books, the questions have come out.

How many questions have appeared from manuals?

And how many questions from outside manuals?

What are those resources?

Search it.

I know it is difficult. But you will find it.

You are not alone in this race. Add your friends, your batch mates.

Search the questions as a group. Then it will take less time but big help.

And you will find it. Collect all the resources. Now, all of those are in your hand.

Study well and definitely you will get your result.

#4 Reading with pleasure

Don’t read with tensed mood.

Enjoy the reading.

You have to enjoy it. Don’t think that it is burden for you.

You are going to be a CA.

Very prestigious degree in the world.

You will get six digit salaries with a car. Your position will start from managerial position. And so on.

Can you imagine, in which career it will be offered in Bangladesh?

Very rare.

So why will you not enjoy the reading of CA books?

You will be changed over night when you will pass CA exam.

Don’t think that after passing CA exam your reading will be stopped.

You are going to be a professional Chartered Accountant. You will be a technical guy in your sector.

You will be highly paid only the reason is that the employer will get all updated business related information from you.

Any changes in laws, regulations, standards that will affect your business have to know you. If not, you will lose your demand.

So you have to keep learning all the way in your professional career.

As you have to study continuously, so enjoy it!

#5 Make a story

Know the details to understand the whole picture.

I am sure you like story. We everybody does.

It is easy to remember the stories.

Think you have read lots of stories in your student life as a rapid reader. After long days when you remember those days, you could easily remember those stories.

So make a story for each chapter or topics.

You will see the whole chapter or topics will be set in your memory very easily.

Then tell the story in your study group. If you make any mistake then they will indentify it which will push you to learn more.

It will help you to fix it in your memory.

#6 Use your own style

You are unique.

Nobody is like as you. So your style will also be different from others.

Know about others. Gather knowledge from successful people.

But do as you like. Don’t follow them.

No problem if you are not an early bird.

I guess you go to bed at the morning after studying all the night. And your friend goes to bed early and rise early.

But both of your study duration is about same. Only keep in mind that you have to use your time, it may whatever way.

I hope you have watched the ‘3 idiots’ movie. Ranchu starts his study after his friends go to bed. His friends sleep all the night but he studies all the night.

The prime word is that success should come any way. That’s all.

#7 Make your books colorful

Use three different highlighters.

Yellow, green and red.

Also use pencil to draw your mindmaps where necessary.

Whenever you will read your manuals, suggested answers or supplementary resources always keep three colors highlighters besides you.

During your reading time which you think is important, color it with your yellow highlighter.

Use green highlighter during self test or inter active questions or examples in the manuals or supplementary books.

And now whats for red?

Yes it is left for most important topics or lines that must be always for technical matters.

This technical matter is very important and if you do any mistakes in your exam will have negative impact which may hamper your pass in next CA exam.

So, these red highlighted matters have to be reviewed regularly and of course before the last minutes of your exam.

These three colors will help you to give weight as your importance. And readily help you to understand what things have to keep your eyes on.

Pencil will help you to write your own thoughts besides any topics in the books.

You are reading a topic and thinking any additional information from somewhere else may help you to add more value in the answer then write down it besides your topics.

Or thinking any explanation that will help you to understand the jargon more easily then please note down it.

Or you may draw a map, diagrams, charts which will help you to summaries the chapter in a small graph.

These all efforts will help you to study more easily.

After doing all the things you will see your books are like a colorful painting. And colors will help you to boot up.

#8 Group discussions

Try to teach your group member.

It helps a lot.

When you will discuss a problem with your group study member, you will discover lots of lacking. All of them are new to you.

And at the end of discussion, try to learn it and you will see your area of learning has widened.

So make a group for study discussion.

Not for gossip!

Before group discussions please fix a chapter or topics with group members. Then note down your problems. And ask your group members to do so.

Then try to solve the problems and continue the method in a regular interval. You will see one day your problems will be reduced significantly.

And your confidence level will be high which is very important to pass CA exam.

#9 Jog your memories

Traffic jam is our regular scenario in Dhaka. Everyday lots of time waste when you go out for firm or client or office.

You are not alone. All the people like you in Dhaka have to wait in traffic.

But how many hours per day?

May be 2 to 4 hours.

What you do during that time?

Listing music, gossiping with friends or others over phone? Or chat with others in social app.

Please avoid it. Use the time.

When you are in traffic jam, jog your memories.

Try to memories what you have read in the morning today before starting for office or clients. Or try to memories what you have read in last night.

Do you have missed any important points? Couldn’t memories?

I have also the same problem when I was like you during my CA preparation.

Don’t worry about it.

When you will reach home, open the book. Find out where you couldn’t recall. Try to fix it in your memory.

One day you will see your number of misses will be reduced dramatically.

If you do it regularly you will see that your reading time will be increased by 2 to 3 hours.

Now you read 4 to 6 hours a day in home. But when you will do it you will see that it jumps to 6 to 8 hours per day!

And everything will help you to reach your ultimate destination.

#10 Review review review

Very very important!!!

After reading your materials do it regularly before seating in your exam.

When I was a new comer in CA profession, I have heard that he/she has completed the manuals 8 times or 10 times. And many more!

I was astonished. How it is possible!

But believe me when I started reading my manuals I have also do it regularly but I have not counted how many times I have completed my manuals or other supplementary books.

The simple answer is that do it regularly until your exam day.

It will help you to fix the matter in your memory.

What is your success story?

You have own strategy.

It will not match with me. It’s the reality. And that’s why the world is so colorful.

But we like to hear the story of success people.

It motivates us.

We learn from their success they made in their life.

So who has succeeded in CA exam in the past, even one subject; their ideas, experiences, thoughts may help the new comer in CA professionals.

Above 10 are only the few of them.

You may have another great success story.

So let’s share your story under the below comment box with us which will help them.

Happy sharing!!!

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